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1000 toothpick holdersHeacock1977softgood12.00
10000 jokes, toasts & storiesCopeland1946hardexcellent9.00
1001 decorating ideas living rooms1980hardvery good10.00
101 folk songssoftexcellent9.00
12th street ragrazaf & Bowman1942musicvery good7.00
1896 reminiscences of adams, jay & Randolf counties, indidnaLynchreprnt 1979hardvery good29.00
1991 medical & health annualEncyclopedia Birit1991hardvery good7.00
35 mm negs & printsSatowrev ed 1962hardOK5.50
3rd degreePatterson2005MM PPBgood14.00
50 easy ways to take better picturesHampton1982softOK5.50
8 Weeks to Optimum HealthWeil, andrew2007like new16.00
A Case of CuriositiesKurzweil1992softlike new15.00
A Child's Treasury of PoemsDaniel1st ed 1986hardlike new14.00
A Chorus of StonesGriffin1992softpretty good18.00
A christmas CarolDickens & McKay?hardexcellent8.00
A Christmas TreasuryNewcombe1982pkbgood10.00
A Companion to CalculusEbersole et al2nd ed 2006pprlike new19.00
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arhtur's courtTwain1902Hardlike new17.00
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arhtur's courtTwainmodern Library, 1917hardlike new25.00
A Farewell to ArmsHemingway1957hardvery good13.00
A Field guide to Insects and PaTHOGENS OF California OaksUSDA2008softpretty good27.00
A First ReaderHowe1909hardpoor?
A good Man is Hard to FindO'Connor, Flannery385069642softlike new12.00
A Guide to Literature for ChildrenField1928hardexcellent19.00
A history of the English speaking PeoplesChurchill, winstonvery good15.00
A History of the Pacific NorthwestFullerreprnt 1948hardok7.00
A James J9yce miscellany, 2nd seriesMagalaner1959hardgood12.00
A Key to the Grasses of MontanaHitchcockpre 1937spiral boundpretty good30.00
A Little Bird told meBrooks1948musicvery good10.00
A New Pair of glassesChuck C8th pr 1998Hardlike new35.00
A New Physical geography in 2 volsReclus1886hardgood?
A Princess RemembersDevi20th prt 2005pbkvery good10.00
A Sampler of Wayside HerbsPond1982hardOK9.00
A Sand county almanacLeopoldsoftlike new12.25
A Self PortraitSarton, May039330535xlike new12.00
A Soldier of the Great WarHelprin1st ed 1990hardh2o damage12.00
A summary of christian HistoryBakerhardpoor39.00
A thre Cornered MysteryKeene1935hardexcellent55.00
A Touch of Diabetesstonepaperperfect5.00
A vital concept of Personal GrowthHall, Manlylike new14.75
A White Dove flyingFord1981hardlike new20.00
A Wizard of EarthseaLe Guin19th prt, 1984pprgood20.00
A Wool PrimerBotany MillspamphletOK9.00
A World History of ArtCheney7th pr 1947hardvery good17.00
AAR December 2004like new16.00
AAR March 2005like new16.00
Abbottempo Vol 1 No. 31963softvery good
Abraham Lincoln priarie years, 2Sanburg1926hardvery good27.00
Abraham Lincoln the prairie years (2 vol set)Sandburg1926hardvery good31.991.004.707.59
Abraham Lincoln War years III V 5Sandburg1937hardvery good27.00
Absolute FriendsLe Carre1st ed 2004hardgood7.00
Advanced wild Turkey hunting & World RecordsHarbour1983hardlike new26.00
Adventures of Huckleberry FinnTwain1902hardgood25.00
African Religions & PhilosophyMbiti, John435895915underlining75.00
After Many a summer dies the SwanHuxley1993softvery good7.00
Agribusiness accounting & TaxationMaydew2nd edhardlike new38.00
Album of WaltzesStrauss?softpretty good10.00
Alexandria HousesDavis et al1946hardvery good40.00
All About WellerMcDonald1989softvery good27.00
All riversElsberg, Hildegardvery good
All you Need to Know about the Music businessPassman1st ed (?) 1997hardexcellent35.00
Almost HomeCavagnaro910118590hardlike new20.00
Ambush of ShadowsWilliams1983pprOK11.00
Amelia 24Raborgsoftexcellent12.00
American Ballet theatre 1940-1984ballet theatre foundationsoftvery good42.00
American CouplesBlumstein & Schwartz671523538good10.00
American Painted PorcelainKamm1997softlike new22.00
American short StoriesJessup1923hardOK20.00
An Age of BarnsSloane1976softexcellent6.30
An Atlas of Surgical Approaches to the Bones of the Dog & CatPiermattei & Greely2nd ed 1979hardlike new28.00
An easy course in using the HP-48sxcoffin et al1st ed 1990softvery good45.00
An elementary Treatise on Fournier's Series, etc.Byerlyhardgood49.50
An Intro to Veterinary ImmunologyTizard1977hardvery good25.00
An Unquiet MindJamison1995softlike new11.00
Analytic GeometryWoods, Watt, Andersonrev ed, 6th pr 1954hardvery good13.00
AnapurnaHerzog1952hardvery good
AnasaziMeunch & Pike910118490hardexcellent10.00
Anatomy of Domestic AnimalsFoust & Gettypamphletgood19.00
Animal PathlogyRunnells4th ed 2nd pr 1948ok6.50
Anna of the five TownsBennett1994softlike new16.00
Ansel Adams 2010 engagement calendarAdams2009softgood9.00
Answer to JobJungpoor30.00
AntarcticaPorter, eliot525055754like new16.00
AntarcticaHurtigruten3rd ed 2007spiralvery good?
Anthologie de Contes FrancaisMoody1940text markup8.00
Antimicrobial therapy in ExoticsVol 20, No 3(A)1998softlike new19.00
Antitrust AnalysisAreeda1981hardvery good18.00
Any Woman Can!Reuben1971hardOK9.00
Ape HouseGruen2010hardlike new5.40
Applied Anatomy a laboratory guide of veterinary studentsHabelpapergood11.00
Art & TechnicsMumford, Lewissoftgood
Aspen Music Festival1994softvery good?
Atlas of anatomy for artistsSchide1957hardvery good25.00
Audubon 11-7
Audubon 73 3,5,7.9.11very good30.00
Audubon 73 alllike new
Audubon 73-9
Audubon 74 all1974like new36.00
Audubon 75 all
Audubon 76 all1976like new36.00
Audubon 77 all1977like new36.00
Audubon 78 all1978like new36.00
Audubon 79 all1979like new36.00
Audubon 80 all
Audubon 81 all
Audubon 81-3
Audubon 82 all1982like new36.00
Audubon 83-5,7,9,11
audubon 84-1
Audubon 84-11
Audubon 84-31984like new6.00
Audubon 84-51984like new6.00
Audubon 84-91984like new6.00
Audubon 85-11985like new15.00
Audubon 85-3
Audubon 85-51985like new10.00
Audubon 85-9,11
Audubon 86-1,3,5,9
Audubon 86-111986like new9.00
Audubon 86-71986
Audubon 87 all
Audubon 88 all
Audubon 89 all
Audubon 90-1
Barcelona, Madrid & SevilleFrommer1997softvery good18.00
Barrier IslandMacDonald1985hardgood8.00
Basic concepts , principles & practices of cooperationBakken1963hardexcellent19.00
Basic Photography for th Graphic ArtsKodak1974phampetgood15.00
Basics for ChemistryUcko1982hardvery good19.00
Bauer Potterychipman & Stangler2nd pr 1986softgood9.00
Beautiful NoiseDiamond1976softgood10.00
Bed & Breakfast American StyleSimpson1985softvery good20.00
Beethovenvery good21.00
Beginning Algebra for College StudentsLowenstein1962hardvery good12.00
Beijing Operasoftexcellent?
Ben HurWallace1880hardOK10.00
Berlin DiaryShirer1941hardOK13.00
Best known poemsgood17.00
Beyond CrossroadsBlair20060like new18.00
Beyond Vietnam 4th printingReischauer1968hardvery good8.00
Birds Over Troubled WatersSmithsonian1881230007softexcellent5.00
Blenco glass 1930-1953Eige & Wilson1987softvery good190.00
Blue ridge DinnerwareNewbound1989softlike new5.50
Blue ridge DinnerwareNewbound1984softlike new8.00
Blue WillowGaston1990softlike new17.00
Bodily HarmAtwood1983softgood7.00
Bonaparte's RetreatKing1949musicvery good7.00
Book of the HopiWaters1974softgood16.00
BowlingWeiskopf & Pezzano1987softlike new10.00
Bowling BasicsPezzano130805165hardlike new25.00
Bran Muscle BuildersMeirovitz & Jacobs1983softOK6.00
Bridgein the fourth dimensionMollo1st prt 1974pbkgood5.00
Brush-McCoy PotterySanford1992hardlike new20.00
Buildings in WatercolourTaylor1st ed 1989hardvery good8.00
C.G. Jung & Hermann HesseSerramo, Miguelprety good7.00
C.G. Jung His Myth in Our Timevon Franz, Marie-Louise913430269very good18.00
Ca Breach of contract remediesWolf1996softlike new10.00
Ca Breach of contract remediesWolf1997softlike new10.00
Cacti, Shrubs & trees of Anza BorregoJohnson1982pamphletvery good30.00
Cagliostro (in Spanish)Alejandro DumasHardclean but scuffed
Cajun Mardi Gras MasksLindahl & Ware1997hardlike new14.00
Calculus Connections, Vol 1Quinney & Harding1996softexcellent
Calculus with MathcadMiech1991spirallike new80.00
California Breach of contract RemediesWolf881249017softvery good12.00
California Coastal TrailsMcKinney1983softgood9.00
California Evicence 3rd EditionWitkin1986?hardlike new32.00
California Government & forestryClar1959hardlike new46.00
California Insurance laws & practice Vol 3Bender1986hardvery good150.00
California Law of Water RightsLittleworth & Garner2nd ed 2007softnew122.00
California Law of Water RightsLittleworth & Garner2nd ed 2007softnew122.00
Call of the NorthWhite1941hardvery good11.00
Cancer its proper treatmentNichols1942hardgood16.00
canine & Feline gastroenterologyJones1986hardexcellent25.00
Canine Allergic Inhalant DermatitisAnderson, Lorrainesoftlike new10.00
Canine medicineHoskins et al2nd ed 1959hardvery good23.00
Canine medicineHoskins et al1953hardgood?
Canine Skin lesionsMuller & Kirkpamphletlike new30.00
Canine Surgerylacroix & Hoskins3rd ed 1952hardgood21.00
Canine SurgeryArchibald1st ed 1965hardex lib?
Capitol CrimesSanders1989hardowner's name7.00
Cat (The complete guide)Bessant et al1999hardlike new14.50
Cearas & christ (The Story of civilization Part 3)durant, Willvery good9.50
Champions of IllusionMartinez-Conde & Macknik2017hardlike new12.00
Changing CalculusGanter2001pprlike new11.00
Charles Dickens Three Complete NovelsDickens1993hardexcellent16.00
Chartres CathedralMiller, Malcolm853723427like new6.50
Christopher & His Kind 1929-1939isherwood, christophervery good28.00
Citizen of New SalemHorgan1961hardvery good13.00
Citizens in ActionTurner et al1986hardvery good12.00
Civil engineering license ReviewNewman2nd ed 1963spiralOK16.00
Civil Procedures before TrialCA Trials Handbook1995hardlike new22.00
Classical music for beginnersLynch863161626softexcellent9.00
Clinical Veterinary PharmacologyUpton1981softlike new8.00
Collaborations in monotypeplous1988softgood6.00
Collectible Vernon kilnsNelson2nd ed 2004hardlike new6.00
Collection & analysis of canine synovial fluidPedersenpamphletexcellent11.00
Collection & Analysis of canine synovial fluidPedersen1979stapled pamphletlike new13.00
Collins spanish-english English-spanish Dictionarygood30.00
Colossians Philemon & EphesiansMoultonhardstained cover, text underling
Coming to TermsMiles, Josephine252007689pretty good10.00
Commentary of GalatiansMartin Lutherhardperfect89.00
Communicable DiseasesTop3rd ed 1955hardex lib, very good9.00
Composting Sanitary disposal of wastesWeinburgh3rd pr 1967pamphletvery good10.00
Congenital defects in dogsErickson et al1978stapled pamphletlike new9.00
Congenital defects in dogsErickson et al1978stapled pamphletlike new9.00
conversational Italian in 7 dayspassport books1995very good7.00
Coptic EgyptKamil, Jill9774242424softunderlining7.00
Cosmopolitan Atlas enlargedRand McNallyrev, 2074hardgood
Cousin BetteBalzac1981softexcellent7.00
Cowboy songsLomax1925hardexcellent40.00
cowboy Songs and other frontier balladsLomax1966softlike new40.00
Crackle glassWeitman1996softvery good30.00
Cram's superior reference atlasgood90.00
Creative LithographyArnold1941softvery good8.00
Creative nonfiction 4Talese et al963765639like new6.00
Creative Nonfiction 8963765671like new8.00
Creative Nonfiction Number 3963765620like new10.00
Creative Nonfiction Number 5963765647like new10.00
Creative Nonfiction Number 6963765655like new10.00
Creepy susieOblog Angushardexcellent45.00
Cross Creekvery good17.00
Crossroads of TwilightJordan2003hardgood10.00
Cry the DarknessFriess1558742581softvery good7.00
Current Techniques in small animal surgeryBojrab1975hardexcellent32.00
Current Veterinary Therapy VIKirk4th pr 1977hardchewed10.00
Current Veterinary therapy VIIKirk2nd pr 1980hardlike new30.00
Cy Walter's Piano Solo ArrangementWalter1948musicvery good15.00
Dancing at the Edge of the WorldLe Guin, Ursula080211105xlike new5.00
Dante's Interpretive JourneyFranke, william226259986softlike new24.00
Daughters if AlbionWilson, A.N.140131663like new6.00
d'Aulaires' Trollsd'Aulaire1st ed 1972hardgood17.00
David ParkUC Berkely1962phampletgood25.00
Dear DragonJoslin & Haas1962hardex lib80.00
Degas (Great Impressionists Series)Terrasse1982hardlike new9.00
Deutscgland germany Allemagne1982hardexcellent10.00
Diagnosis of Gastrointestinal parasitism in dogs & catsWilliams & Zajacpamphletlike new11.00
Diagnostic Procedures in Comparative OphthalmologyGelattpamphletlike new30.00
Dictionary of International TradeRosenberg4715317pkbPretty good7.00
Digest of Canine & Feline urine sedimentsOsborne & Stevensstapled pamphletlike new6.00
DionPandermalis, dimitrios9605000806like new13.50
discovering MusicMcKinney & Anderson1934hardgood9.00
Diseases of CattleAmstutz et al1956hardexcellent20.00
Diseases of PoultryBiester et al3rd ed 1953hardgood11.00
DivisaderoOndatje2007hardlike new21.00
Doctor ZhivagoPasternak1st ed 1960ppbpoor10.00
Dona Flor & her two husbandsAmado1998softgood10.00
Don't go Near the water 1st printBrinkley1956hardlike new7.00
Dorland's pocket Medical Didtionary721631622pasteboardlike new5.00
Down the Long HillsL'Amour1971pprgood5.50
Drawing the male figureSheppard1st pr 1976hardvery good35.00
Dream Analysis vos 2, 3rd edition 1958 Jung, new
Dream of Fair to Middling womenBeckett1st Am ed 1993hardgood6.00
DreamingParker2007softlike new
DreamsBergson1914hardex lib?
Drei Schluchten ProjektPhampletsoftvery good10.00
Drops of LightShankar1990softvery good38.00
Dynamic Stock Option TradingStewart471086703hardexcelent18.00
E. Robert Schmitz' Edition of the Chopin EtudesSchmitz1938softgood?
Eat Yourself Thin cookbookDowns1970softOK5.00
Econ: MacroMcEachernstudent editionsoftlike new32.00
Economic Analysis & Antitrust LawCalvani & Seigfried1979softOK9.00
Eggs & cheeseTime lifehardexcellent9.00
Egon SchieleSteiner382280553xsoftvery good9.00
Elders on LoveLakritz & Knoblauch930407458like new30.00
Eleanor roosevelt, volume 2Cook1999hardlike new48.00
Elson basic reader book fourelson-gray1931hardpretty good24.00
Embassador World AtlasHammond1975hardvery good14.00
Enclycopedia of Concert MusicEwen, Davidvery good60.00
EndNote 6like new10.00
Enduring AmericaNational Geographic sosiety1995hardprfect18.00
Enjoy Your MonkeySchneider2nd pr 1967softexcellent12.00
EtchingEdmondson1973hardvery good7.00
Ethel Smith's Souvenir AlbumSmithstapled pamphletvery good12.00
Evil the Shadow Side of RealitySanford, John824505263like new27.00
Excel guide to Finite MathematicsReynolds et al3rd ed 1966softvery good
Exotic PlantingLloydhardlike new10.80
Experiences of an Irish R.M.Somerville & Ross1984boxedlike new9.00
Experimental SurgeryMarkowitz3rd ed 1954hardexcellent73.00
Experiments on Mass CommunicationHowland et al1965cardboard?good8.00
Exploring Joshua Tree, 3rd editionMitchell1986like new15.00
ExuberanceJamison2004hardlike new9.00
Faces of KenyaJones1982pprgood10.00
Far to goPickhardlike new16.00
Farrington & Kirk Family 1600-1983Rochelle1983jardlike new350.00
Federal Criminal TrialsCissell2nd ed 1937hardOK10.00
Feline Medicine & surgeryCatcott1st ed 1964hardvery good19.00
Feline Skin LesionsMuller & Kirkpamphletlike new30.00
feudin' and fightin'Dubin & Lane1947musicvery good10.00
Fifteen Past SeventyMaas, James915288427softexcellent5.50
First Steps in the history of our Country (1907)Mowry1907hardvery good?
First StrikeNakdimon1957hardvery good22.00
Five-P;ace mathematics tablesBigsbee1957softacceptable22.00
Flight BehaviorKingsolver1st ed 2012hardlike new18.00
Fod PoisoningDack3rd ed 1966hardlike new32.00
Fodor's 91 Madrid & Barcelona679019286softvery good35.00
Fodor's 92 South America679020950softgood6.50
Fodor's 93 Los Angelessoftvery good6.00
Folksongs & footnotesBikel1960softvery good7.00
Food from my HeartMartinez1992hardlike new12.00
Food MicrobiologyFrazier2nd ed 1967hardgood10.00
Food-borne infections and intoxicationsRiemann1969hardexcellent19.00
Foot ThrowsNishioka1972softvery good12.00
Foreign policy 102softvery good7.00
Foreign Policy 103softlike new7.50
Forest Fire: Control & UseDavis1959hardlike new22.00
Forest ManagementDavis2nd ed 1956hardgood7.50
Forest PathologyBoyce3rd ed 1961hardOK7.00
Foundations of EpidemiologyLilienfeld2nd pr 1977softhighlighted18.00
France & THE Economic Development of Europe 1800-1914Cameron1961softvery good13.00
FranciscanEnge1992softvery good22.00
Franklin D. RooseveltLindleyRev ed 1934hardpretty good?
Freeze DriedSalsbury1981ppbvery good17.00
From Milton to TennysonStyle1894hardVery good20.00
From the Lands of the ScythiansUSSR1975softgood8.00
Full Length Roof FramerRiechers1944hardgood70.00
Fundamentals of Differential Calculus student Solutions manualCraig et al1989pprvery good50.00
Fundamentals of Forest EconomicsDuerr1960hardgood10.00
Galapagos, Vol 2Sierra Clubsoftgood5.00
GandhiSmriti2005phanpletvery good?
Gargantua and PantagruelRabelais2005softlike new9.00
General grant's Grand MarchMackold - no datemusicvery good?
General Physicsblackwood et al3rd pr 1965hardvery good15.00
Geology of National ParksHarris et al5th ed 1997softvery good37.00
GeometryAndrews, S.O.1903hardpoor?
Geometry for enjoyment & challengeRhoad et al1984hardscuffed95.00
Geometry solution manualmcdougal & littellrev ed 1984softpretty good20.00
Gideon's SpiesThomas1999softlike new11.50
GnomesPoorvliet/Huygen1977hardlike new, no dj18.991.003.795.64
God CallingRussell2011hardlike new5.00
Gods, Graves & ScholarsCeram1967hardvery good19.00
Godspellschwartzsoftvery good15.00
Goethe's FaustSwanwickhardfaded250?
Gold from CreteForester1970hardex lib32.00
Goldstein Trial TechniqueLane1986-1988hardvery good25.00
Gone Huntin'Elliot1954hardexcellent12.00
Good News biblehardOK7.00
Good news biblehardgood20.00
Goode's World AtlasEspenshade12th ed 2ndpr 1965hardvery good7.00
Granadaprieto-Moreno5th ed 1959hardgood12.00
Grandparents' rightsTruly4th ed 2005softlike new18.00
Graphics MasterLem1974hardgood14.00
Great Catholic FestivalsMonkshardgood16.00
Great Food withot FussMcCullough & Witt1st ed 1992ppr1st ed 19929.00
Groundwater in the environmentYoungsoftnew55.
Growing up ItalianCateura1st ed 1987hardvery good30.00
Growing up with Science Vol 3Stuttman1987hardlike new6.00
Guide to the Appalachian Trail in Massachusetts & ConnecticutSteoheson et alPub no. 21, 2nd ed, 1968softgood6.50
Guide to the best whitewater in the state of CaliforniaHolbek & Stanley2nd ed1988softexcellent29.00
Guide to the dissection of the horseRooney1951spiralpoor8.00
Guide to the siddection of the dogmiller3rd ed 1952hardgood25.00
Guided imagery an intensive training program for cliniciansinside wrighting50.00
Guinevere's LoverGlyn1013hardpoor6.00
Gwen JohnFryberger1982pamphletvery good17.00
Gypsum Construction HandbookU.S. Gypsum2nd ed 1982softgood10.00
Handbook of Business AdministrationMaynard2nd ed 1970hardvery good48.00
Handbook of california birds, second editionBrown et al911010165good
Handbook of Engineering FundamentalsEshbach1936hardvery good22.00
Handling Experts & ExhibitsZweifach1993softvery good24.00
Harry James Trumpet SolosJames1941softvery good135.00
Hawk, I'm Your BrotherBaylor & Parnall684162180almost new9.50
Hawkins Electrical Guide No. 1Hawkins1917softgood20.00
HBJ Algebra 1coxford & Payne2nd ed, 1990hardpoor30.00
Herculaneumvery good9.50
Here to StayHersey1964ppbgood8.00
Hialayan PassageSchmidt1991hardexcellent8.00
Hiking California's golden Trout wildernessSwedo2004softvery good38.00
History of Kossuth, Jancock & Winnebago Coshardgood80.00
Hits of our times, book 11Leedes music corpsoftvery good10.00
Holt geometryHolt et al1974hardgood?
Holy bible1873front board loose216.5016.5
Holy bible 18631863hardpoor35.00
Holy bible, Kings James Version, Reference editionhardnew, still in sealed wrap
Holy bible, New American Standardsoftexcellent
Home is the SailorAmado1st bard pr 1979softgood?
Hoop-dee-dooLoesser & dELugg1950musicexcellent10.00
Hope, Human & Wild (1st edition)McKibben31656064212.00
HouseboatDennis & Case1977softgood40.00
How to Breed dogsWhitney1966hrdgood11.00
How to Clean Practically AnythingConsumer Reports1986hardlike new22.00
How to Know GodPatanjalisofthighliting
How to Photograph everythingowen2014hardlike new18.00
How to solve itPolya2nd prt 1973softvery good14.00
Howard Warshaw, a retrospective1964softvery good?
Hsing-Kung-FuTackett3rd pr 1976pbkexcellent38.00
Humboldts GiftBellows2nd pr 1976softgood9.00
Hummingbirds are FunSparling, Dawnsoftgood20.00
Hummingbirds my tiny treasuresHeidcamp1999hardvery good9.50
Husbandry, medicine & surgery in captive reptilesFrye2nd prt 1978hardexcellent43.00
I been in sorrow's Kitchen & licked out all the potsStraight1993softgood18.00
I hear America Singing!Arnett1975softlike new8.00
I Left My HeartMaiman1993softgood5.00
I owe Russia $1200Hope1963hardvery good9.50
Ice BrothersWilson1980pbkOK10.00
Icons of Film: The 20th CenturyPrestel3791323946hrdlike new9.00
Illustrated dictionary of art termsReynolds1084softlike new10.00
Image of Americalibrary of congress1057softpretty good40.00
Image of the bodyGill1989softgood?
Importance of the 13 essential vitamins for pet & aviary birdsLafeberpamphletperfect10.00
In Quiet LightMcEntyre, Marilyn802838790like new16.00
In Search of ExcellencePeters & Waterman, Jr.1982hardvery good8.00
In Search of MeaningPomeroy, richard962871907like new11.00
Incompatibility, A Crisis in Modern LivingHall, Manlylike new11.00
Inner TennisGallwey1976hardOK19.00
Inside the Financial Futures marketsPowers & Vogel1981hardexcellent13.50
Inside the L.A. ArtistMarrow087905297xsoftgood7.00
Instruction Pamphet No. 5048WestinghouseDec-20softlike new20.00
Instruction Pamphet No. 5048WestinghouseDec-20softlike new20.00
Instruction Pamphlet No. 5026WestinghouseOct, 1922softlike new?
Instruction Pamphlet No. 5026WestinghouseOct, 1922softlike new?
Instruction Pamphlet No. 5027WestinghouseSep-21softlike new18.00
Instruction Pamphlet No. 5034WestinghouseJul-22softlike new?
Instructor's Resource Guide CalculusLarson et al8th ed 2006pprexcellent18.00
Intermezzo mag issue 72004softvery good?
Intermezzo mag issue 82004softvery good9.50
Into This AirKrakaur1st ed 1998hardlike new
Intro to Jung's PsychologyFordham, Friedakinda poor5.50
Intro to TessallationsSeymour & Britton1989softexcellent16.00
Introduction to CavingThrailkill3rd ed 1962pamphletexcellent10.00
Introduction to ParasitologyHawkinsspiral paperOK10.00
Introductory General Coursein the study of contemporary societyU of chicago10th ed 1940hardunderlining20.00
isak DinesenThurman1962softvery good15.00
Island in timeHyde, Phillipsoftgood15.00
ItalyGullers & Trentersoftgood6.00
J.G. Posada: Messenger of Mortality1989softgood39.00
Jack ImelImel2013softgood16.00
Jaime in Taosde Angulo, Gui872861651softlike new37.00
Jane EyreBronte7th pr 1946hardvery good13.00
Jane EyreBronte/Bell3rd ed, 1848hardlike new70.00
Jingle BellsPierpont1948musicgood10.00
Jo's boysvery good140.00
Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion vol 12 no 2like new
jujitsu, 1983Kirbypbkexcellent9.00
Jung & the MonotheismsRice-Menuhin, Joel415104149like new80.00
Jungian AnalysisStein, Murray087548350xvery good32.00
Jury SelectionStarr & McCormick1985hardlike new125.00
Just a Little Dance Mam'selleO'Fynn et al1930musicexcellent9.00
Karate kata Heian 1 tekki 1 5th prnt 1973Nakayama5th pr 1973pbkexcellent22.00
Karate: THE Energy ConnectionRussell1st prt 1976hardvery6 good15.00
Kenkyusha's japanese-english dictionary1942hardOK20.00
KidnappedStevenson1954hardvery good8.00
KilkennyLamour1986im leathervery good8.00
KinuliChaplina1965hardvery good14.00
Kizhi2004softlike new?
La Reine Margotworld's classics1997softvery good?
La Tulipe NoirDumas1918hardpretty good?
laboratory Manual for Food MicrobiologyFrazier et al,4th ed, 1968pamphletvery good15.00
Laboratory manual for medical mycologyAjello et al1963papervery good46.00
LadyBird Johnson a White House diaryJohnson3rd pr 1970hardvery good28.00
Lameness in HorsesAdams2nd ed 1969hardecellent24.00
Landscape vocabularyMarsh1964hardexcellent8.00
Lao Tzu Tao Te ChingLe Guin1998softvery good80.00
LaparoscopySeager & Wildtfolderlike new6.00
LaparoscopySeager & Wildtfolderlike new6.00
Larry riversHarrison1st ed 1984softpretty good8.00
Last Child in the WoodsLouw2006softlike new9.00
Last Days of PompeiiLytton1936hardgood7.00
Last ritesSaroyan, Aram688012620like new7.50
Le Monds ou l'on s'ennuiePailleron1906hardvery good14.00
Lempriere's DictionaryNorfolk517581841softlike new5.50
Lenya a lifeSpoto, Donald345365429softsingle crease in spine7.00
Leonardo Da vinci's Note-booksMc Curdy1908hardgood50.00
Lessons from a squirrelNielsenpamphletexcellent14.00
Let's Travel in FranceGeis1964hardgood9.00
Letters from an American FarmerCrevecoeur1980softgood9.00
Letters of a Woman Homesteader 1961 9th printingStewart803251939softOK?
Life PlanningHall, Manlylike new10.00
Lithography 200 years of artPorzio1983hardlike new45.00
Little boxesReynolds3rd pr 1964softlike new48.00
Little Women 1977Alcott1977hardlike new11.00
Little Women 1977Alcott1955hardvery good50.00
Lives of the HuntedSeton1st ed 1901hardgood42.00
Living my Life Vol 2Goldman1970softlike new7.00
Living WaterBraun & Cavagnaro910118205hardexcellent6.00
Longing for DarknessBeard1st ed 1975hardvery good29.00
LongitudeSobel1995softvery good7.50
Looking into Artseiberling, Frankhardexcellent8.00
Lorca: the Poet & His peopleBarea, Arturogood7.00
Lords of the earthRichardson3rd prt 1978hardvery good93.00
Lose it for life day by day devotionalsarterburn2004hardlike new7.00
Lose it for Life workbookarturnurn2004pprlike new5.50
Lost WorldsHorizonlike new47.00
Love StorySegal1970hardvery good38.00
Lovers for a dayKlima1st american ed 1999hardex lib, very good6.00
Lucky Bag 1949US Naval Academyhardscribbles68.00
Lucky Bag 1949US Naval Academyhardlike new72.00
Lunch Dine Stay & visitDavid2nd ed 1993softvery good12.00
Madam 90210Adams & Stadiem1993hardlike new49.00
MadridGonzalez-Ruanohardlike new9.00
Magical & Mystical sites Europe & the british IslesPepper & Wilcock933999445very good6.50
mainstreams of modern artCanadayhardvery good25.00
Majolica PotteryMarks1983softlike new23.00
Making Music at the Piano, book 2Schaum1963bookletvery good16.00
MalagaSouviron1st ed 1958hardOK11.00
Mandate for changeeisenhower1963hardvery good40.00
MantissaFowles1982softvery good16.00
Many WatersL'Engle1986hardlike new5.00
Marked by fireThomas, Joyce038079327xsoftvery good
Masterpieces from the Peggy Guggenheim Collection1993softgood9.50
masterpieces of British Literature1895hardgood12.00
Mathew Henry's commentary on the whole BHenry12th pr 1972hardvery good22.00
Meat processing ration issueBergin et al1952ppr, glued spinevery good10.00
Medical TerminologyRice2012softvery good14.00
Mental arithmeticwiedman1928hardgood?
Meteora9607504038almost new
Mexico & the life of the conqueror Fernando cortez, Vol 1PrescottVol 1, 1898hardgood8.00
Microsoft equation editorlike new20.00
microsoft graphlike new10.00
Military entomology Operational HandbookU.S.A.1965softvery good18.00
MiroErben1988pprlike new18.00
Mission in GuemoHough1964hardvery good?
Mites of public health importance and their controlPrattrev 1963pamphletlike new10.00
Modern livestock & poultry productionGillespie5th edhardgood20.00
Modern PhysicsTaylor et alhardOK
Monzert's Practical distillerMonzert1889hardlike new30.00
Moonlight Sonata Op 27 No. 2, no. 1186Beethoven1906musicgood12.00
More About Royal CopleyWolfeBook II 1992softlike new14.00
Morpheus Road the lightMacHale2010hardlike new28.00
Motorcycling Excellence1995softlike new6.00
Mule TrainLange et al1949musicexcellent10.00
Museum of San Marco GuideGiunti8809013417like new7.75
Music by the MastersLanning1946softgood?
Muskrat RambleOry1950musicvery good10.00
My Obwervations as a WWII P.O.W. 1941-1945Klemasoftexcellent
Mystery of the agesArmstrong, Edward1985hardlike new?
Myth & MethodPatton & doniger813916569new76.00
MythologyHamilton2nd prt 1943very good25.00
N is for NooseGrafton1998hardpretty good12.00
Natural energy workbook june 1974clark, peterlike new15.00
Networking at Writer's conferencesSpratt, Lee471055220softlike new5.50
NeverwhereGaiman1997hardlike new14.00
New American Standard BibleGod1971hardgood25.00
New Testament with Psalms & ProverbsTyndalesoftlike new
New world translation of the holy scripturesGOD1984hardlike new23.00
Newman's JouneyTrevor1974softgood12.00
Nonsense NovelsLeacock1921hardgood?
Not Man apartJeffers & Brower1965hardex lib20.00
Oaks of CaliforniaPavlik et al3rd pr 1995softvery good8.00
Occupied Japan collectiblesFlorencerevised 1986hardexcellent25.00
Office 2004 for MacGrebler, Eric973532807like new49.00
Official guide book golden gate exposition, 19391939softOK15.00
Old & New Classics for the pianoforteSchutt1898musicOK10.00
Old Jules (1966)Sandozgood
Oliver TwistDickens1967boxedlike new85.00
On world GovernmentDante1957softgood9.00
Organic Gardening mag Sep-Oct 19981998softvery good?
Our Inviting Eastern Parklandsnational Geographic Society1994hardlike new18.00
Our Vanishing WildernessGrossman & Hamlet1969hardvery god15.00
Out of the Silent PlanetLewis1962ppbOK?
Over the doorstepStrang1st pr, 1947hardgood6.00
Pa HdauWhite2nd prt 1982softlike new14.00
Pa HdauWhite2nd prt 1982softlike new14.00
Pacific InterludeWilson1982poor5.00
PalestineCarterhardlike new5.50
Palouse Country (signed by photorapher)Scheuerman1994softvery good20.00
Paradise FoundYoung & Levick811806871like new8.00
Passion & PrejudiceBingham, Sallie1557830770very good6.00
Pastoral Psychology Vol 50 No 6
pastoral psychology vol 51 no 6
Peace Corps Community Today 2009hardlike new17.00
Pedagagical SketchbookKlee1965softgood40.00
Peer Gynt SuiteGrieg1945bookletvery good12.00
PentacostEdgar, Davidsoftlike new?
People on out SideSnow1944hardpretty good9.00
PersuasionAusten1964very good5.00
Peter the GreatMassie1986softpoor18.00
Pharmaceutical calculationsBradley & Gustafson4th pr, Dec 1947hardvery good27.00
Photoraphs of the southwestAnsel Adams1976hardvery good20.00
Picasso 60 yearsof raphic artsLA County museum of artsoftok7.00
Pictorial Keys arthropods. Reptiles, birds & Mammals of public health significanceUSDA1967 repsoftpretty good12.00
Pictures to Grow up withGibson, Katharinepretty good25.00
Pilgrim at Tinker CreekDillard1st ed 1974hardvery good40.00
Places rated retirement guideBoyer & Savageau3rd pr 1984softgood6.50
Plastics as an art formNewman1969hardvery good18.00
Playing the Takeover MarketMcQuown872237079hardexcellent11.00
Plunder & DeceitLevin2015softlike new6.00
PolandMichener1983hardvery good22.00
Polychromatic Screen PrintingStocksdale1984softgood10.00
Pop Art from the Collection of Karl StroherSoutheby's1989softgood7.00
Porterville's Babe & Maxine HodgsonEdwards1993hardvery good?
Portraits from North American Indian LifeCurtis1972hardcover separated25.00
Power in the Helping ProfessionsGuggenbuhl-Craig, Adolf882143042softexcellent30.00
Practical Jury Dynamics2 the 2009 supplimentSunWolf2009softlike new17.00
Practical Use of the Ultrastort[Acting BarbituratesShort1983softlike new23.00
Practice of SilvacultureHawley3rd ed 1935hardvery good40.00
PrayerKovats, Alexandra866837140softvery good14.00
Prcelier ChinaGrindberg1996softlike new22.00
PrehistoireWhitehardlike new?
Preservation of Structural timberWeiss2nd ed 1916hardpretty good10.00
Press/view camera techniqueWahl1962softvery good7.00
Prevententive medicine and public healthMaxcy8th edhardex lib60.00
Preventing Legal MalpracticeBlumberg1989hardlike new8.00
Pride & PrejudiceAustin1968boxedlike new?
Private pilot manualJeppesen & sanderson8th ed 1992hardlike new14.00
Programs of the BrainYoung192860194softvery good6.00
Progress in Equine PracticeCattcot et al1st pr 1970hardlike new14.00
Progressive PioneeringThurman1964hardvery good42.00
Prose & Poetry for enjoymentMoline & Mallon1948hardOK11.00
Protzoan parasites of domestic animals and of manLevine1961hardex lib23.00
Prrogrammed practice for modern algebra & trig book 2Redgrave & roberge1960softOK26.00
Psyche & Mattervon Franz, Marie-Louise1570626200softperfect22.00
Psychoanalytic explorations in artkris1964softOK11.00
Psychology & ReligionJung, C.G.margin marks
Pudd'n head wilsonTwain1904hardvery good17.00
Pulp & paper Science & Technology, Vol 1Libby1962hardgood18.00
Quartermaster Food & Container InstituteU.S.A.1st ed 1946pbkgood62.00
Quo VadisSienkiewicz1897hardgood9.50
Radiographic interpretatin for the small animal clinicianOwens1st prt 1984pamphletvery good38.00
Radiogrraphic Techniques in small animal practiceTicer1st prt 1975hardlike new38.00
Radiology in Small Animal PracticeSchnelle2nd ed, 1950hardvery good30.00
Ragged DickAlger1993hard w/SClike new26.00
Ravenna historical-artistic guideSalbaroli pubssoftlike new?
Readers Digest Dec 1937good5.25
Readers digest Jan 1938good8.00
Readers Digest Jan 1939very good5.00
Readers digest Mar 1939good8.00
Readers Digest Oct 1937good5.00
Rebecca0DuMaurier1941hardpretty good?
Records of north American Big GameNesbitt & Wright8th ed. 1981hardexcellent18.00
Red Sky at MorningBradford1949softOK20.50
Red Wing Stone wareDePasquale & Peterson2nd pr 1985softvery good21.00
Renoir (Great impressionsts Series)Daulte1982hardlike new9.00
Rentlarson1997like new25.00
Reptile Medicine and surgeryMader1996hardvery good34.00
Restraint of AnimalsLeahy & Barrow1953spiralexcellent15.00
RetouchingCroy4th ed 1964hardvery good7.00
Revisioning Incarnation, Vol 16, No. 1,1-33,2001Dourley, Johnhighlighting
richard hitleman's yoga 28 day exercise planvery good
Rico Lebrun1964softpretty nice75.00
Ridpath's history of the united statespretty good80.00
Rings five passions in world ArtHigh Museum of Art81044294hardlike new15.00
Rip Van winkle The Legend of Sleepy Hollow & other storiesIrvine1967boxedlike new45.00
RitualBell, Cathreine195110528softexcellent17.00
Robert's rules of OrderRobert75thhardlike new?
Rodent eradication and poisoning programsJohnson & Bjornson1964pamphletvery good8.00
Rodeo! The suicide circuitSchnelle1st prtnghardgood6.00
RomanticismHalsted1st ed 1969softOK48.00
Romebonechisoftlike new47.00
Roseville Pottery collector's price guideMoltring1997softOK8.00
Roughing it vol 2Twain1903hardgood25.00
Roughing It Vol ITwain1898hardpretty good80.00
Rubaiyat of Omar KhayyamFitzgerald1947hardlike new11.00
Rudolf the Red-Nosed ReindeerMarks1949musicvery good9.00
Russell WrightHennessy2nd pr 1985softvery good13.00
Russia by RiverSher097042001`softlike new15.00
Saga of an Oklahoma BoyMcCleodhardlike new32.00
Sailing illustratedRoyce6th ed 1974softgood20.00
Saint ignatius & the company of jesusderlethhardgood9.00
Samantha's SurpriseSchur1986hardgood16.00
Satish GujralLoohan2006softgood?
Scoutmaster's Librarypapervery good22.00
Search & Rescur: SurvivalUS AF1962ppbgood15.00
Searches & Seizures Arrests & Confessions Vol IRingel1992bindervery good50.00
Searchlights From the WordMorgan & Hawkins1926?hardvery good?
Seasons of the SoulWeston1963pamphletgood32.00
Secret HarbourWhite1926hardgood11.00
Secrets of chinese KarateParker1963softexcellent16.00
Secrets of the gnomesPoorvliet/Huygen1982hardlike new ex sticker20.00
Seeds of DestructionMerton, Thomasvery good
Selected works of John DrydenFrost3rd ed 1958softgood?
Self DefenseLeBell & Coughranreprt 1976pbkvery good50.00
Sense & SensibilityAustin1985boxedlike new?
Sex & GodHurcombe, Linda710209452good5.00
Shakespeare art editionLamb & Seymoreruff
shakespeare's works, 1886Clark & Wright1886hardpretty good?
She Cried for Mother RussiaSemans Bellpapergood6.50
Sheep diseasesNewsom1950 reprinthardgood9.00
Shepherding a child's HeartTripp2005softhghlighting6.50
Shiva SvarodayaPrakashan1987 2nd edhardgood?
sierra club Bulletin 66,67,68very good32.00
sierra club bulletin a handbook december 1967very good13.00
sierra Club bulletin August 1986
Sierra club bulletin December 1964very good14.00
Sierra Club bulletin December 1965very good12.00
Sierra the Sierra club bulletin July/august 1984
Sierra the sierra club bulletin may/june 1979
Silence speaksDass1007softgood26.00
sixth reader1903hardvery good14.00
Sketch for a self-portrait by Bernard Berenson (1958)OK18.00
Small Animal DermatologyMuller & Kirk2nd ed 1976hardlike new15.00
Small Animal GastroenterologyStrombeck & Guilford2nd ed 1990hardlike new260.00
Small Animal Medical TherapeuticsLorenz et al1991softvery good123.00
Small Animal SurgeryFossum et al1997hardlike new9.00
Socialist thoughtFried & Sanders1864softOK6.00
Socialization after ChildhoodBrim & Wheeler1967softpoor7.00
SolitudeStorr1988softvery good6.00
Some Thoughts on Paper & PrintmakingBarooshiansoftunderling7.00
Some Thoughts on Paper & PrintmakingBarooshiansoftunderling7.00
Song of the SkyMurchie1954hardvery good9.00
Songs for Coming HomeWhyte, David9365320205very good35.00
Sothby's Gantz, 1988hardlike new24.00
Sotheby's Imressionist etc.1988softpretty good11.00
SounionMeletzix & Papadakis1st ed 1971softvery good?
Southeby's fine american indian artSoutheby1986softlike new16.00
Southern California & Las Vegas tourbookAAA2010softexcellent8.00
Spanish anecdotesGeise & Cool1910hardworn?
Spanish for Mastery 1 workbookVqlette1989softpoor18.00
Specimen DaysCunningham1st ed 2005hardlike new9.00
Star CrossedLinet1986hardvery good45.00
Starting with IngredientsGreen2006hardexcellent12.00
Steiched the photographerMuseum of modern art1961softOK5.00
Still More Tell me whyLeokum448044587hardexcellent15.00
Storming HeavenGiardina1987pbkgood6.00
Street ScenesVinograd, Juliavery good20.00
Structural timber HandbookGoss1916softgood16.00
Structure & Composition of Foods, Vol IIIWinton2nd pr 1949hardgood92.00
student BibleZondervanhardlike new20.00
student BibleZondervanhardlike new20.00
Student NurseEngeman4th pr 1962hardex lib very good6.00
Stuff: cut & copyHook1995softlike new8.00
Sublime SmokeJamison & Jamison1996softgood?
Success with CichlidsMelke1993hardlike new11.00
Surface Design for FabricProctor & lew4th pr 1988softvery good9.00
Surgical Principles & Technicsguard1951hardvery good13.00
Surrealists & Surrealismpicon1983pbkstains on top9.00
SwedenImbur & Tietzehrdvery good16.00
Swing Likea ProMann & Griffin1st ed 1998hardlike new8.00
Symbolic Life vol 829781882670604softlike new16.00
symbols signs & signetslehner1950softexcellent18.00
Tale of BaliBaum1st ed, 1937hardvery good20.00
Tales of the City, Vol 1Maupinrepr 1975softvery good?
Tales of the NorthLondon1979hardvery good?
Tapertries of LifeHobehardvery good180.00
Technique in fictionMcCauley & Lanning312006926hardlike new10.00
Ten AmericansAndrew Crispo Gallerysoftvery good30.00
Tender is the NightFitzgerald1987boxedlike new18.00
Texas TourBookAAApretty good10.00
Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Vol 1Ettinger & Feldman4th ed 1975hardlike new18.00
Thackeray, Vol VII, Henry EsmondThackeray1886hardgood17.00
Thank God I paid cash for the RollsBallpaperlike new19.00
Thank God I paid cash for the RollsBallpaperlike new19.00
The Act of CreationKoestler, Arthurgood
The Adventures of Tom SawyerTwain1904hardgood40.00
The age of chivalry the Legends of CharlemagneBullfinch1962paperOK8.00
The Age of FableOK10.00
The Alaska BookGruening1960leathergood?
The Alchemy of discourseKugler, Paul385630617xlike new46.00
The American Almanac, year-book, cyclopaedia & Atlashearst1st ed 1904hardgood8.00
the american heritage Book of the revolutionketchumlike new
The American Revolution Conxidered as a Social MovementJameson4th pr 1961hardex lib10.00
The American RevolutionariesMeltzerhardlike new5.50
The Annapolis Book of SeamanshipRousmaniere1989hardexcellent13.00
The Arabian NightsWiggins?hardlike new60.00
The AraucaniansPan American Unionreprnt 1969stapled pamphletlike new9.00
The Arm of the StarfishL'Engle, Madeleine440901839?very good
The Art and Craft of Greet6ing CardsEvarts442223420softvery good25.00
The Art of IllusionMulholland1944hardgood23.00
The Art of InvisibilityDraeger1971pbkvery good?
The AztecsPan American Unionreprint 1969stapled pamphletvery good12.00
The Beet QueenErdrich805000585softlike new8.00
The Believing HeartSong, C.S.800631420like new20.00
The Bellhellen MineBower1924hardpoor8.00
The Best of Friends Next of KinTrollope1996hardlike new12.00
The Betty BookWhite5th pr 1943hardgood32.00
The bible story bookVan Nesshardlike new30.00
The black bookDurrell, Gerald1st ed 1962softgood6.00
The Black SheepBalzac1970softgood20.00
The Blue & the GrayCommager1950hardvery good15.00
The Blue and the GreyCommager1950hardvery good45.00
The Body of the GoddessPollack, Rachel1852308710like new20.00
The Book of JobMitchell1987softvery good5.00
The Book of Psalmsvan doren1960boxedlike new?
The Book On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You AreWatts, alansoftunderlining12.00
The British myths & legendsEbbutthardgood
The Cameratime liferev 1981hardlike new7.00
The Carriage collectionstoneybrooksoftlike new9.50
The Caseof the fugitive nursegardnerhardvery good7.00
The Cathars & the Albigensian Crusadecosten1997softlike new6.50
The Cathedral of OrvietoTorriti2006softexcellent12.00
The Cave of La PiletaHuntingford1965softpoor?
the Celtic Seers' source bookMathewshardlike new48.00
the Celtic Seers' source bookMathewshardlike new48.00
The Charterhouse of ParmaStendhal1992boxedlike new?
The Child from Five to TenGesell & Ilg1946hardvery good26.00
The christian MythMack, burton826415431highlighting20.00
The City of Dubrovnik9789537513108softexcellent?
The Color PurpleWalker151191530hardexcellent?
The Colored PencilBorgeson1983hardexcellent6.00
The Communist ManifestoMarx8th print 1965softpoor5.00
The Complete Caving ManualSparrow1997softexcellent19.00
The complete guidfe to Natural healing (3 vol)bindergood19.00
The complete plays of Ben Jonson, Vol 1Johnsonhardexcellent60.00
The Complete political works of Alexander PopePope?hardgood?
The compromise trapDoty Elizabithsoftgood26.50
The concise oxford dictionary of music2nd ed, 1977 reprnthardexcellent9.00
The Condemned of AltonaSartre1961softScruffy9.00
The Conditions of Human GrowthPearce & Newton1969softgood10.00
The Confessions of St. AugustineWarner6th print 1963softpoor5.00
The Cosmic PerspectiveBennett et al6th ed, 2006ppbgood16.00
The Count of Monte CristoDumas1990softvery good?
The Courage to CreateMay, Rollo393311066underlining6.00
The Desert is theirsBaylor & Parnall068970481xalmost new5.00
The Devil's AdvocateCaldwell2nd pr 1981very good45.00
The Directory of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and Staff 1961-1997softexcellent?
The Double TraitorOppenheim2nd, 1944hardgood7.00
The Earth & its inhabitants, Vol 1 & 4Reclus1885hardpoor?
The ecology of Human diseaseMay1958hardvery good25.00
The erotic works peter webbWebbnew ed 1983softlike new75.00
The Faithless LollybirdAiken1978hardgood9.00
The FallCamus1964hardex lib26.00
The Forbidden citysoftlke new8.00
The Four Horsemen of the Apacolypseibanez & Jordan195th pr 1967hardex lib18.00
The Fremch RevolutionCarlyle1989softgood8.00
The French RevolutionCarlisle, Andrea3rd pr 1914hardvery good20.00
The future of ManChardin, Pierre Teilhard do chardin22.00
The Games were ComingAnthony1st pr 1968hardvery good?
The Garden Behind the MoonPyle, Howard1989like new5.50
The GeneralsAnderson & Anderson1994hardpretty good8.00
The Genetic CodeAsimov, Isaacgood6.25
the Gentleman from IndianaTarkington1902hardvery good11.50
The gifts of silenceWessler804216134like new25.00
The Girl withinHancock449905594softLike new35.00
The girls with the grandmother facesWeaver1st ed 1996hardvery good43.00
The Gnostic gospelsPagels1981softexcellent16.00
The God of Small thingsRoy1st ed 1998softgood6.00
The Golden BoughFrazer1955hardOK
The GolemSinger, Isaac374327416like new38.00
The government of Modern BritainStacey1969pbkOK7.00
The Gramaphone good CD guide1994softvery good15.50
The Gray DawnWhite1915hardOK28.00
The Great American Seafood CookbookLoomis1988softvery good8.00
The Great MotherNeumann, Erich691017808like new8.00
The Great NorthwestWinther2nd ed 1952hardgood
The Greek Treasurestone1975hardlike new8.00
The guardianship book for californiaBrown doskow5th ed 2005softlike new25.00
The Handbook of International Mergers & AcquisitionsBenDaniel & Rosenbloom134724992hardvery good15.00
The Handbook of JudoLeBell & Cochranreprnt 1974softpretty good13.00
The Handbook of SailingBond679740635softlike new9.00
The Harper Atlas of World History61818844hardlike new6.50
The Heart of the GoddessAusten, Hallie914728695very good25.00
The histories & Poems of Shakespearehardowner's name inside cover30.00
The History of Modern Painting, Vol 3Muter1896hardpretty good42.00
The Hotel New HampshireIrving1995softOK
The Household HandbookMeadowbrook1st pr 1981softvery good6.00
The Hunchback of Notre DameHugo1956softowner's name5.00
The Ill Tempered String QuartetChafertzhardlike new60.00
The Infectious diseases of Domestic Animals2nd ed 2nd prt, 1952hardexcellent15.00
The Invisible EnemyDow & Regan1555971180softperfect5.50
The J. Paul Getty Museum guidbooksoftgood8.00
The Japanese LoverAlledehardlike new40.00
The Journals of Christopher ColumbusMorrison1990boxedlike new48.00
The joy of musicBernstein385472013softexcellent9.50
The Keel Recruit Training Command?hardlike new14.00
The Knight & Knave of SwordsLeiber1988hardvery good5.50
The LadiesGrumbach1984hardlike new?
The Lady of the DecorationLittle1906good22.00
The Land of UlroMilosz, Czeslaw2nd prt 1985softvery good11.00
The language of FlowersPickles1989boxedexcellent14.00
The Language of GoldfishO'Neal1980hardOK22.00
The Last SummerPasternak1959?softgood?
The Life of Greece (The Story of Civilization Part 2)durant, Willvery good9.50
The Light Infantry BallBasso1959hardOK28.00
The Lion, the witch & the WardrobeC.S. Lewis1970softOK22.00
The literature of england (vol 1 & 2)Woods, Watt, Anderson1941hardvery good?
The Little LampEknsth Easwaranalmost new10.00
The Longman handbook for writers & readersAnson & Schwegler4th edhardlike new15.00
the Lyle Official Arts Review 1988Curtis1982hardlike new52.00
The Making of the African QueenHepburn1987softvery good6.00
The man without a countryexcellent9.00
The marriage MessChick1978softvery good18.00
The marveous Achievements of the 19th CenturyMorris1899hardOK?
The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius1990softexcellent7.00
The Melting PotZangwill1923hardex lib, very good?
The message//remixPeterson2009hardlike new16.00
The mind & faceof BolshevismFuiloep-Miller1965softgood12.00
The Mind's own PhusicianKabat-Zinn & Davidson2011hardexcellent16.00
The mint JulepGravesend Press3rd prt 1984hardlike new28.00
The Misadventures of John NicholsonStevenson?hardpretty good50.00
The MissionHabe1966hardOK6.00
The modern law of employment relationshipsBakaly Jr. & Grossman1995hardlike new?
The Money MastersTrain1981softpoor6.00
The morphology of canine & felind blook cellsRich2nd pr, 1976pamphletgood12.00
The Moscow KremlinPolyninasoftexcellent11.00
The murderer is a foxDBC1945hardgood7.00
The Music Lover's AlbumsoftOK?
The mystic Warriors of the PlainsMails1995hardlike new25.00
The Mystique of WildernessArnot, Philsoftgood9.50
The National Archaeological MuseumKypraiou2000softlike new9.00
The National Graded Course, Grade 41906softpretty good24.00
The Nature & Properties of soilsBuckman & Brady7th pr 1966hardvery good12.00
The New Song FestBest1961softexcellent20.00
The Nibelungenlied1984paperOK6.00
The Outline of HistoryWells1921hardOK8.00
The outline of History, Vol 1Wellshardok9.50
The Paris Revies # 188spring 2009softexcellent52.00
The pastel journal March/april 2000magvery good?
The People's Song bookHille,Lomax & Botkin3rd pr 1959softgood49.00
The Peter PlanPeter553124102pbkacceptable5.50
The Phi Chi DirectoryPearson1925hardvery good?
The Pickwick PapersDickens1992boxedlike new?
The Pilgrim's ProgressBunyan, Jihnhardpoor?
The politics of Local JusticeKlonoske & Mendelsohn5th pr CR 1970softgood21.00
The Politics of MythEllwood, robert791443051hardunderlining34.00
The Portable Writers' ConferenceMettee, Stephen1884956238like new7.50
The Poseidon AdventureGallico1st ed 1969hardgood15.00
The Practice of SilvaicultureSmith7th ed 1962hardvery good16.00
The Practice of the Presence of GodBrother Lawrence385128614highlighting
The Practice of Veterinary MedicineUdall5th rev ed, 1947hardvery good16.00
The Pretender PersonCameron1911hardpoor10.00
The Prime of Lifede Beauvoir, Simone60905492softpoor?
The Print Basic Photo 3Adams6th prt 1964hardpoor7.00
The Problem of PainLewis, C.S.underlining
The Psyche in antiquity book 1Edinger, Edward919123864like new35.00
The psychological Origin & Nature of ReligionLeubaold - no datehardpretty good?
The Record Shelf guide to classical CDs and audiocassettesSvejda1559585730softgood22.00
The Renaisance (The Story of Civilization Part 5)durant, Willvery good9.50
The Rescue of Miss YaskellBaker312927304hardlike new12.00
The restlessness of shanti AnojaBarojia1st pr 1962softOK7.00
The Rise of big businessPorter690703945softgood10.00
The rise of the gothicAnderson & Hicks1988hardvery good8.00
The Rise of the Republic (2 vol)boxedalmost new22.00
The romantics to RodinLA Co. Museum of Art1980pbklike new5.00
The Rose DawnWhite1920hardGood45.00
The Science of Self-Definse for Girls & WomenOkazaki1929softvery good?
The Secret Lore of Egypt20.00
The Secret of the Untroubled MindHall, Manlylike new60.00
The Selected Poems of Nikki giovanniGiovanni1st ed 1996hardlike new6.00
The Seven Storey MountainMerton, thomasvery good
The Ships & Aircraft of the U.S. FleetFahly6th ed 1950phampletOK30.00
The Short Stories of SakiMunroe1958hardexcellent?
The Sierra Club A GuideBrower, Davidlike new11.50
The SilmarillionTolkien1st pr 1st American Ed 1977hardvery good12.00
The small Back RoomBalchin1945hardlike new27.00
The Speaker's Book of Illustrative storiesDroke1956hardvery good14.00
The SpireGolding1964softvery good12.00
The spirit of the BorderGrey15th pr 1943hardlike new52.00
The Story of civilization Louis XIVDurant671012150hardlike new27.00
The Story of Civilization Part 10Durant1967hardvery good6.00
The Story of civilization Part 2Durant1966?hardgood7.00
The Story of Civilization Part 6Durant1957hardgood6.00
The Story of civilization part 9Durant1965hardfrom cover separating10.00
The Story of Civilization the RenasainceDurant?hardlike new23.00
The Story of Cvilization Part 7Durant7th prthardexcellent14.00
The Story of Edgar SawtelleWroblewski1st ed 2008hardexcellent8.00
The Story of MeJones2007softlike new8.00
The Story of the Earth118805819like new13.00
The StrangerCamus1946softOK6.00
The sum of all FearsClancy1991hardlike new48.00
The Tailor of Panamale Carre1st ed 1996hardgood18.00
The Tale of Brownie BeaverBailey1916hardpoor8.00
The Tale of Fatty CoonBailey1915hardpoor25.00
The Teaching of BuddhaKyokai109th ed 1994hardlike new13.00
the three theban PlaysSophocles140444254softexcellent
The Toolbox RevisitedAdelmann (DOE)2006softvery good17.00
The Total Money MakeoverRamseyhardvery good6.50
The Travels of Marco PoloFyodorovitch1962boxedlike new14.00
The Treasure ChestWallis1965hardOK10.00
The Trial of Jack RubyKaplan & Waltz1992hardlike new42.00
The Uncarven ImageHewett1962pamphletvery good22.00
The Untold Story of the United StatesStone & Kuznick2012hardlike new5.25
The VirginianWister1902hardvery good42.00
The visions Seminars, Book 1Jung, C.J.882141112pretty good
The volume libraryletherettepoor12.00
The Wapshot chronicleCheever, Johngood5.00
The Watchers at the wellChalder1994hardchewed7.00
The Way birds LiveArmstrong, Edwardsoftgood5.00
The Way the World isPolkinghornesoftgood6.50
The Way to ZenWatts, Alanvery good
The Wellsprings of LifeAsimov, Isaacsoftvery good35.00
The Western construction of ReligionDubuisson, Daniel801873207like new35.00
The White Horse & the red-haired girlGambier1919hardOK12.00
The Wonderful Wizard of OzBaum451517540softvery good6.00
The Words of JesusNelson (pub)1982hardvery good?
The Works of Bret Harte (1-25 ex 13)good
The works of HugoHugo1943hardlike new6.00
The Works of IbsenIbsen?hardvery good14.00
The works of StevensonStevenson?hardexcellent9.00
The World Atlas of GolfWard-thomas et al4th reprnt 1984hardlike new19.00
The world of the PastHawes, Jacquettahardlike new30.00
The World's great Romancesmisc1929hardexcellent7.00
The Wrold's Wit & Humor (15 vol)1905hardexcellent175.00
The YosemiteMuir, Johnsoftowner's name inside cover7.00
Theory & Practice of SilvacultureBakerhardvery good32.00
Ther best short Stories of W. Somerset MaughamBeecroft1957hardpretty good9.00
this hour is Yours1943musicvery good9.00
This is the Ary, Mr. JonesBerlin1942musicgood10.00
This running LifeSheehan1980hardlike new28.00
This Side of ParadiseFitzgerald1948hardvery good8.00
Through Crisis to FreedomCane, Bill914070142like new8.00
Through Gates of SplendorElliot1981hardlike new70.00
Through the goddessReis, Patricia826405274underlining5.00
Throuh the bible with J. Vernon Mcgee (5 vol set)McGee1981leatherettelike new145.00
TI-92 GuidebookTI1995pprgood14.00
Time and MoneyKeir1998softgood9.00
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Toning your BodyBently & Hatfield1982softvery good35.00
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ToxoplasmosisWHO #4311969pamphletexcellent320.00
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Travels with charleySteinbeck1995hardlike new
TricksterRadin, Paulhardgood43.00
Trigonometry Annotated Instructor's EditionLial et al7th ed 2001hardlike new6.00
Trump & MeSinger2016hardlike new5.50
Tuning up1936hardexcellent10.00
Turkish CarpetsAtes1997soft w/DJlike new9.00
Twentieth Century Warriorsblack Belt & Oriental Fighting Arts1971hardexcellent40.00
UlysesJoyce1986hardlike new20.00
Under the LilacsAlcott1887hardsmall scuffs19.00
Understanding PhotographySullivanrev 1977softgood5.50
Understanding PoetryBrooks & WarrenOK?
Universal Dictionary of the English Language vol 4Hunter & Morris1898hardgood
Universal Dictionary of the english Language vols 1-3Hunter & Morris1898hardgood300.00
Van Looh's GeographyVan Loon4th pr 1942hardacceptable8.00
Vanishing AfricaRicciardireprt 1972hardvery good100.00
Vanishing RainbowsAllee1940hardgood10.00
Variations of the normal Ocular fundus of the dogBarnettpamphletlike new28.00
Versatile Vernon KilnsNelsonBook II 1983softOK14.00
Veterinary AnesthesiaLumb & Jones1973hardlike new23.00
Veterinary Bacteriology & VirologyMerchant & Parker6th ed 1961hrdexcellent15.00
Veterinary clinical pathologyColes1967hardvery good11.00
Veterinary Critical CareSattler et al1981hardpretty good10.00
Veterinary DentistryEisenmenger & Zeiner1985hardlike new30.00
Veterinary HelminthologyMorgan & Hawkinshardgood14.00
Veterinary Neurologic diagnosisOliver & Lorenz1st prt 1985softvery good22.00
Veterinary ObstetricsBenesch & Wrightrep 1952hardgood16.00
Veterinary ophthalmic pharmacoloty & therapeuticsGelatt1978hardlike new18.00
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Veterinary PediatricsHoskins3rd ed 1990hardlike new29.00
Veterinary Pharmacoloty ectMilks6th ed, 1949hardexcellent40.00
veterinary protozoologyMorgan & Hawkinsrevised 1952hardexcellent41.00
Veterinary SurgeryFrankrev 1963hardexdellent28.00
Vetinary pediatricsHoskins2nd ed 1995hardlike new7.00
Vicar of Wakefield (no date)goldsmith1885 (?)hardvery good?
Victorian england Portrain of an ageYoung1954softgood9.00
Virginia Woolf a biographyBell1972hardOK7.00
Voices from JerusalemBurrell & Landau809132702very good5.50
W.H. Auden Selected Poems,Auden1974softgood21.00
Walking in America (?)Zochert, Donald394487117like new22.00
Walking with WildnessWright2012softlike new22.00
Wall Pockets of the pastPerkins1996softvery good6.00
Wassily KandinskyDuchting1991pprlike new18.00
Water Law in a nutshellGetches5th edsoftnew55.004.19
Water, Prey & Game BirdsWetmore, alexander870440071hardexcellent5.00
Webster's new world dictionary,1951hardOK25.00
Wedding & Party photographyStein & Kaplan2nd ed 1964softpretty good15.00
Western memorabiliaKetchum1st ed 1980hardlike new24.00
Westminster Cathedral71174192softlike new27.00
When God is SilentTaylor, Barbara1561011576softperfect8.00
When the Cheering StoppedSmith1964hardExcellent17.00
When to SellMamis1977hardlike new42.00
Whistle While you WorkMorey & Churchill1937musicpretty good10.00
White LotusHersey1990softOK10.00
Whoredom in KimmageMahoney, Rosemary385474504like new10.50
Wide is the GateSinclair, Uptonhardfrayed cover19.00
Wild flowers of the sierraHubbard, Douglasspretty poor7.00
Winds of MorningDavis1952hardvery good25.00
WisdomkeepersWall & Arden1990softexcellent9.00
With folded wingsWhite1st ed 1947hardvery good25.00
Woman with a swordNoble/Knight1954 condensedhardOK5.00
WomanPriestBozarth, Alla931055512like new22.00
Women artists: 1550-1950Knopf1976pbkgood8.00
Women WarlordsNewark1991softexcellent20.00
Women's Diaries of the Westward JourneySchlissel1982softvery good7.00
Works on paperWaddington galleries1989softexcellent48.00
World War II ExtraCaren1999hardexcellent8.00
Wuthering HeightsEyre1946hardvery good16.00
Yankee Hill-Country CookingVaughn1962hardgood28.00
Yoga, Youth & ReincarnationStearn1971softOK21.00
Yokohl (signed)Barker1st ed 1009softvery good?
Yorkguide4th ed 1974softexcellent?
Young people's story of musicWhitcomb1923hardgood?
Zane Grey five complete novelsGrey1980hardvery good21.00
Zone System manualWhite4th prt 1972softexcellent?
Zoonoses of PrimatesFiennes1967hardvery good32.00