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The Men of Mammoth Forest

By Floyd L. Otter

A Hundred-year History of a Sequoia Forest and its people in Tulare County, California written by career Forester, Historian and Naturalist; Floyd Otter.

$ 28 plus tax and shipping ($ 34.20)—-New, 6th printing, Hardbound, 169 pages

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$ 20 plus tax and shipping ($ 25.50)—-Used, 5th printing, Hardbound, Very good condition

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The History of A Giant Sequoia Forest

By Floyd L. Otter and David Dulitz

A History, written by career Forest Managers, of people and events that helped Mountain Home State Demonstration Forest grow into the model of a successfully managed forest and beautiful recreation area that it is today.

$ 29.50 plus tax and shipping ($ 35.83)—-New, Hardbound, 212 pages


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Yokohl–A History of It’s People and Their Culture

By Scott Barker

‘Yokohl’ is a fun read, for history and non-history buffs alike. Covering documented historical facts, ‘Yokohl’ tells of pioneer drama and humor, yet Yokohl Valley’s history is not complete. This small Sierra foothill valley is on the verge of adding another chapter to California history.

$ 24.95 plus tax and shipping ($ 30.13)—-New, Paperback, 266 pages


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Land in California

By W. W. Robinson

The story of land ownership in California from the Native Americans on. All in one book: descriptions of the homesteads, preemption claims, desert entries, land scrip, military bounty warrants, federal townsites, swamp and overflowed lands, national forests and tidelands. Whew!

$ 20 plus tax and shipping ($25.50 )—-New, Paperback, 291 pages

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$ 15 plus tax and shipping ($20.06 )—-Used, Paperback, Excellent condition, 291 pages

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Saga of Rancho el Tejon

By Frank Latta

A valuable first hand account of early California, this book is the story of Jose Lopez, majordomo of the El Tejon Ranchos. It covers the period of 1873 until his death in 1939.

$ 24.95 plus tax and shipping ($ 30.13)—-New, Paperback, 293 pages


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The Life of an Oak

By Glenn Keator

This is a book that will delight both the professional and armchair botanist. If you want to know about oaks, from the microscopic to the world view, you need this book.

$ 19.75 plus tax and shipping ($25.23 )—-New, Paperback, 256 pages


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Up and Down California

By William H. Brewer

This is a collection of letters that Brewer wrote to his brother back east describing his four years as a member of a geological survey team in California. Even though this is not a small book (583 pages), you will have a hard time putting it down.

$ 26.95 plus tax and shipping ($33.06 )—-New, Paperback, 4th printing, with maps, 583 pages


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Geology of the Sierra Nevada

By Mary Hill

Mary Hill spent most of her career serving as information officer for the State of California & the U.S. Geological Survey. She knows how to write for non-geologists. She includes the records & biographies of the early explorers & a clear interactive key for identifying rocks as well as some of the most striking photographs I have seen. You will want to take this along on your next trip.

$ 28.50 plus tax and shipping ($34.74 )—-New, Hardbound, 453 pages


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