Geology of the Sierra Nevada


Geology of the Sierra Nevada
By Mary Hill

New, Hardbound, 453 pages



Geology of the Sierra Nevada
By Mary Hill

New, Hardbound, 453 pages

Mary Hill spent most of her career serving as information officer for the State of California & the U.S. Geological Survey. She knows how to write for non-geologists. She includes the records & biographies of the early explorers & a clear interactive key for identifying rocks as well as some of the most striking photographs I have seen. You will want to take this along on your next trip.


Introduction: The Ever-Changing Sierra
Geological Features and Where to See Them
Do-lt-Yourself Rock Identification Key
Tables of Geological Features
Maps of Geological Sights

1. Geology: Of Time and Rocks
2. The Range Today
3. Being First
4. Plate Tectonics Puts the Sierra Nevada
in Its Place
5. Seas of Long Ago
6. Great Is Granite
7. Treasures from the Earth
8. Landscapes of Yesteryear
9. Days of Fire
10. Days of Ice
11. Mono Lake: The “Dead Sea” of the West
12. The Yosemite “Problem”
13. The Mountains Tremble
Suggestions for Further Reading


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