Groundwater in the Environment


Groundwater in the Environment
By Paul Younger

New, Paperback, 318 pages

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Groundwater in the Environment
By Paul Younger

New, Paperback, 318 pages

Books on groundwater seem to be either simplistic definitions of the hydrologic cycle or discussions of very complex underground systems accompanied by a plethora of cabalistic mathematical formulae. This recent book (2007) gives a thorough introduction into the magic of groundwater without resorting to complex equations. This book will be your reference to the netherworld of water.


Occurrence of Water Underground
Groundwater & the global water cycle
The natural zonation of water underground
Water pressure, the saturated zone, aquifers, & acquitards
Aquifer properties: effective porosity, permeability, & storage
The geology of groundwater occurrence
Sources of Groundwater: Recharge processes
Provinance of groundwater
Recharge processes
Movement of water through the unsaturated zone
Groundwater Movement
“The force that drives the water through the rocks”
Quantifying flow rates; Darcy’s Law Y hydraulic conductivity
Groundwater flow patterns
Quantifying the hydraulic properties of aquifers
Natural Groundwater quality
How to read a water analysis
Chemical characteristics of natural groundwaters; origins & significance
Displaying & classifying groundwater quality
The evolution of natural groundwater quality
Groundwater Discharge & Catchment Hydrology
Groundwater discharge features
The role of groundwater in generating surface runoff
Estimating the groundwater component of catchment runoff
Physical controls on groundwater discharge at the catchment scale
Groundwater & Freshwater Ecosystems
Freshwater ecosystems
Groundwater-fed wetland ecosystems
Fluvial ecosystems & the hyporheic zone
Groundwater ecology
Groundwater as a Resource
Current resource utilization of groundwater
Constraints on groundwater utility
Methods of groundwater abstraction
Conjunctive use of groundwaters with surface waters
Groundwater as a thermal resource
Groundwater Geohazards
Geohazards & hydro-geohazards
Natural hydro-geohazards
Hydro-geohazards induced by human activities
Groundwater Under Threat
Threats to groundwater systems
Depletion of groundwater quantity
Degradation of groundwater quality
Modeling Groundwater systems
Why simulate groundwater systems?
Conceptual models
Representing the conceptual model mathematically
Ways of doing the sums: solving physically based models
One step beyond: simulating groundwater quality
Groundwater modeling in practice
Managing Groundwater Systems
Approaches to groundwater resource management
Toward sustainable groundwater development
Groundwater control measures to mitigate geohazards
Preventing groundwater contamination
Remediating contaminated groundwaters


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