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Land in California – New, Paperback

Land in California
By W.W. Robinson

New, Paperback, 291 pages



Land in California
By W.W. Robinson

New, Paperback, 291 pages

First printed in 1948, reprinted as paper back in 1979.The story of land ownership in California from the Indians on. All in one book, descriptions of the homesteads, preemption claims, desert entries, land scrip, military bounty warrants, federal townsites, swamp and overflowed lands, national forests, and tidelands. Whew! W.W.Robinson was vice president of Title Insurance & Trust Co., Los Angeles, and wrote about what he knew


I. Whose California?
II. First Owners
III. Missionary Empire
IV. Four Square Leagues
V. First Rancheros
VI. Gifts of Land
VII. Chain of Title
VIII. The Land Commission
IX. Shotgun Titles
X. Titles in El Dorado
XI. Land Grants to Railroads
XII. Land for Settlers
XIII. Land Scrip
XIV. The State as Owner
XV. Buying and Selling California
XVI. Insurance of Title
XVII. Title Story of Two Cities

I. Boundary and Property Provisions of the
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
II. Act for the Admission of California into the
III. Act to Ascertain and Settle the Private Land
Claims in the State of California


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