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The California Law Of Water Rights

2nd Printing
By Wells A. Hutchins

PRINTING: In the almost half century
since the State of California published this book, it has become
a valuable aid to the understanding of the unique California water
law. This book marks the path of the California’s water laws from
the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo and the camps of the forty-niners
through the pivotal cases of Lux v. Haggin in 1886 and Katz v. Walkinshaw
in 1903.

$80.00 plus tax and shipping ($ 90.75)—-New, 2nd printing,
Hardbound, 585 pages

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Water Law in a Nut Shell

By David H. Getches

This new (2009) fourth edition is a small book (5 by 7.5 & 492 pages). In it, David Getches has managed to pack the story of water rights in the American west, with comments on the laws differing from one state to the
next. This can serve as a beginning for the reader new to water
rights legislation and also as an excellent quick reference.

$31 plus tax and shipping
($ 37.46)—-New, Paperback, 492 pages

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California Rivers and Streams

By Jeffrey Mount

A discussion of how our
California rivers shape our landscape and our lives and the history
of river use from Placer mining for gold to the reclamation dams
and canals to the urbanization of rivers and effects of climate

$31.95 plus tax and shipping
($38.50)—-New, Paperback, 359 pages

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California Water II

By Arthur Littleworth and Eric Garner
This is a comprehensive,yet concise guide to historical, legal and policy issues affecting
the use of water in California written by two highly experienced
water law attorneys

$122 plus tax and shipping
($136.43)—-New, Paperback, 428 pages

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The Great Thirst

By Norris Hundley, Jr.

Norris Hundley, Jr. has taken a difficult and complex subject and with sanity, objectivity
and smoothness of style, woven a story of politics, power, greed
and legal battles from the gold rush days to the Mono Lakes litigation
and the public trust doctrine. William Kahrl, author of “Water
and Power”, says this is the best reference on California water
history that there is.

$25.95 plus tax and shipping
($ 31.97)—-New, Paperback, 800 pages

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Groundwater in the Environment

By Paul Younger

This recent book (2007), gives a thorough introduction into the magic of groundwater without
resorting to complex equations. This book will be your reference
to the netherworld of water.

$55 plus tax and shipping
($ 63.56)—-New, Paperback, 318 pages

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Indian Reserved Water Rights

By John Shurts

The 1908 Supreme Court decision on the Belknap Indian Reservation rights to water from
the Milk River in northern Montana chaged the complexion of water
rights for not only Indian reservations, but also US government
parks, forests, and military installations.

$24.95 plus tax and shipping
($30.88)—-New, Hardbound, 333 pages

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Water Rights Laws in the Nineteen Western States

By Wells Hutchins

This was first printed posthumously in 1972 and was reprinted later as very attractive
and expensive set. The volumes affered here are not the reprint;
this si the first printing and is reluctantly offered at a very
reasonable price. It shows some normal shelf wear.

$225 plus tax and shipping
($250.19)—-Three volumes, Used, First printing, Hardbound, Good
condition (rare)

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